The mission of the UHC Food Rescue Program is to reduce hunger by rescuing large quantities of food; fresh and prepared for packaging and distribution to the hungry of our community!

The Food Rescue Program consists of three key strategies and resources which allow us to establish a comprehensive program to rescue large quantities of food (fresh/prepared) to package, distribute, feed, educate, and make more accessible food resources to individuals/families in need and enhance food security.

Refrigerated Truck & Mobile Food Bank

We have secured a Class G Diesel Engine 26 ’ Truck (8000 lb capacity) refrigerated truck, and expect to secure two smaller units by September.The trucks will pick up donations from farmers, food producers, suppliers, restaurants, conference centres, hotels, banquet halls, caterers and grocery stores that would otherwise end up in landfills and now can be put on the plates of families and enjoyed.The trucks will also be utilized as a mobile food bank to deliver fresh and prepared foods to neighbourhoods where access to a food bank is difficult due to transportation, hours of service, and limited availability of fresh and prepared foods in local food banks

Food Rescue Program and Storage Hub

Now that we have secured a refrigerated truck we will be able to rescue much larger quantities of fresh produce and commit to a schedule to pick up and distribute through Windsor and Essex County.The refrigerated truck/cargo vans will also collect uncontaminated prepared food that has never been served to the public.It can then be redistributed to social agencies throughout Windsor and Essex County to feed the hungry people.These agencies include food banks, meal programs, homeless shelters, educational facilities, senior residential buildings, churches, soup kitchens and community kitchens.

Community Kitchen

Through our first two strategies we have determined that a “Community Kitchen “is required so we can use it as a clean room to proportionally repackage fresh and prepared foods, fruits and vegetables, and meats that have been collected for community distribution. The kitchen will also be used to preserve these goods through canning, vacuum sealing, and dehydration and equipped with a walk in fridge/freezer.The kitchen will offer free cooking lessons as well as workshops on shopping tips to save individuals and their families money, understand nutritional facts on labels, to teach what basic foods to have on hand, and keeping and handling food safely for healthy living.A “Community Kitchen” will help break down social isolation and increase knowledge on nutrition.

All three of these strategies together will ensure food security ongoing and with this plan in place, the program will expand in future years. This plan is unique as no other organization has developed these three strategies in one facility in Windsor and Essex County.

Goals of the Project

  • Increased quantity of food available for distribution
  • Increased nutritional quality of food for distribution
  • Equitable distribution of food across Windsor Essex County
  • To rescue food that would otherwise be wasted
  • To repackage food proportionally for distribution
  • To provide nutritious foods for hungry people through social agencies
  • To produce nutritious meals for hungry people
  • To preserve nutritious food for future distribution
  • To support knowledge and understanding of healthy eating through workshops, and demonstrations